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In Winlero, the goal is simple: get a unique bid that is closest to the Top Price of the product. First, you have to know some important concepts to play:
Top Price: It is the top amount that can be given for a product.
Top Price
Credits per bid: It is credits amount that will cost you to make a single bid for the product. The credits are Winlero's currency and can be bought by packages.
Countdown: Time left to make your bids. If there are still remaining bids, the countdown is restarted.
Save $1,109 USD!
Remaining bids: It is the number of bids left to get a winner.
Remaining bids 1350
Button that takes you to the seccion where you can play for the product.
Hints: A hint is a digit of the amount that you have to bid to get a better position and become the product's winner.

Bids for hint: It is the number of bids that you have to make to win a hint.
It needs to be mentioned that the hints are increased, this means that first you will only discover a digit, then two, and so on up to discover the full amount.
Lets go to an example, where Sarahí Villareal wants to play for an iMac.
The iMac has a Top Price of $90, the cost is 4 Credits per bid and the Bids for hint are 4.
First, Sarahí makes a bid for $88.67
Her bid is unique but it is not the highest, and places her at the third place in the ranking table.
In the ranking table all the bids are sorted from highest to lowest. Here Sarahí can see how many bids are above her bids, in which place is each one and if they were unique or repeated. She cannot see the amounts of other users, just her bids. As Sarahi has not reached the first place, she decide to make a higher bid.
Your bid is unique!
But the amount of $ 88.67 is not the highest.
Keep playing to knock out the higher bids and the prize will be yours.
You need 3 more bids to win 1 hint(s)
John Malkovich
Steve McQueen
Sarahí Villareal
Steve McQueen
Los Angeles Ca.
Los Angeles Ca.
Houston Tx.
Los Angeles Ca.
Now she make a bid for $90.00
It looks like someone else had already bid $90, so this amount will not run for the prize. In Winlero only participate UNIQUE BIDS.
This is not always bad, it could be that she repeated a rival's bid and climbed some positions.
We are so sorry
The bid for $ 90.00 already existed.
Do not give up! Keep playing!
There are many other unique bids left that you can make to win the prize.
You need 2 more bids to win 1 hint(s)
Sarahi's next bid is $89.88
Sarahi has found the highest unique bid at the moment, placing her at 1st place in the ranking table.
She is the iMac's current winner.
You are the winner of a/an iMac
We recommend you to keep playing to get the first positions and secure your prize. Remember, if another user bids the same amount or a higher one, will take away your prize.
You need 1 more bids to win 1 hint(s)
If somebody comes and bids the same amount as Sarahi ($89.88), this amount will be a repeated bid and she will lose the 1st place and her iMac. If this happens, Winlero will notify her through an email.
Now, we will explain the Hints.
If Sarahi makes her 4th bid, she will have won a hint. If she makes 8 bids (twice the Bids for hint) she can discover 2 digits; with 12 bids, 3 digits and so on up to get the whole amount.
Your bid is unique!
But the amount of $ 88.67 is not the highest.
Keep playing to knock out the higher bids and the prize will be yours.
You have won 1 hint(s)
Remember, the hints help you to:
a) Get a better bid that makes you get a better place in the ranking table.
b) Get unique bids to ensure your prize in case you are the current winner.
c) Get the bids of your closest rivals, to bid the same amount as them and take them out.
The game ends when the Remaining Bids and the Countdown reach zero. If you are at 1st place when this happens Congratulations! You are the Winner of the product for the amount you bid!
It is so easy and funny to win in Winlero.
The advantage in Winlero is that with the hints, it will be much easier to get to the 1st place and win the product you want. The more you bid, more possibilites you have to win.

What are you waiting for? Play, Have Fun and Win!