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Frecuently Asked Questiones

What is Winlero?

Winlero is a great strategy game where the unique bid wins. Here you can find incredible prizes at extremely low prices (less than 5% of their real price).

What does it mean a "strategy game where the unique bid wins"?

To play for a product, you must look for a bid that no other user had made before. If 2 or more people give the same amount, that amount will be repeated and will not participate for the prize. To win, you must get the highest unique bid. In Winlero, each product has a top price, which is the maximum amount you can bid for a product, so the bids you make must be equal or less the top price.

For Example: an iPad's top price is $35.00 USD and you make a $35 bid. You will be the highest bid. If another user makes the same $35 bid, then this amount will be repeated and both of you will be out. Now, you have to make another bid. Remember, you cannot make a bid higher than $35.00, so you decide to make a $34.86 bid. If at the end of the game nobody else bid that amount, and yours was the highest, you will have won the product.

How do I play in Winlero?

To play in Winlero you just have to follow the next steps:
  • Sign Up.
  • Buy a credits package. (Keep an eye on the offers!)
  • Choose the product that you want to win.
  • Make your bids.
  • Try to reach the 1st place.
We recommend you to visit the section How to Play.

How much will it cost me to bid for a product?

Each product has its own cost per bid. Each bid will cost you a certain number of credits, and this number depends on the product. Some bids will cost you 7 credits, while some others will only cost you 2 credits.

What are the credits?

The credit is the basic unit, you can see it as Winlero's currency. With them you can play for any of the products you wish, as long as you have enough credits.

How much does the credits cost?

At the moment we have the next credits packages:
  • 40 Credits: $16.00 USD
  • 80 Credits: $39.00 USD
  • 130 Credits: $62.00 USD
  • 180 Credits: $85.00 USD
  • 250 Credits: $112.00 USD
By the way, in certain dates we will have amazing offers and deals.

What offers do you have?

In Winlero we have 2 kinds of offers: Sign Up Credits: Just for signing up, you will receive a certain amount of credits totally free. Purchase Credits: At the moment you buy any credits package, you can get up the twice of credits. These offers are just valid for a certain time, so you must keep an eye on them.

Do I have a limit in bids for a product?

No. You can make all the bids you want.

What are the Bids For Clue?

Each product has a number of bids to get a hint. This means that when you make that amount of bids, you will have won a hint.

What are the Clues?

The hints help you to discover a digit of a better bid, higher than yours, so it helps you to climb positions to win the prize. In case that there are no other unique available bids better than yours, and you are still not the winner, then the hint will give you a digit of your closest rival's bid. This way you can make a bid for the same amount, repeat it and take his/her position. This is called Battle Mode.

Does that means that I can only know one digit of this better bid?

No. You can know all the digits of the bid. The hints are increased according the number of bids you make. When you make the double of Bids for Clue, you will get 2 hints. When you get the triple of bids, you will get 3 hints and so on.

Can I save my clues to use them later?

You MUST use your hints at the moment you win them, if not, you will lose them.

Are all the products new and original?

Yes. All products are totally new, not refurbished. You receive them in their original box completely sealed.

When does each game finish?

Each product has a number of Remaining Bids. Once the Remaining Bids and Game's Countdown have reached zero, the winner will be announced. The winner may take the product for his/her winning bid.

Why the game's countdown restarts?

If the game's countdown has reached zero but the remaining bids have not, then the countdown will restart. Remember, both of them must reach ZERO for the game to end.

How do I find if I win?

If any of your bids is the highest unique bid, the remaining bids and countdown are at zero, in that moment you become the winner and you will receive a Congratulations Email with the instructions to get your prize.

I won a producto. Now, what is next?

Once you have won and you have been notified, you should get into your account and go to the My Prizes section within your profile. There will be the product, your winning bid and the Pay Option.

How much time do I have to pay my prize?

You have 15 days from the moment you won. In the email we send you to notify that you have won, will be the payment deadline. In case you do not make the payment by this date, you will lose your prize and will pass to the the user who got the second place.

I won a product. Why does it says "Confirm Your Account" when I want to pay it?

If you sign up through Winlero's form or Twitter, we will ask you to confirm your email address. Here in Winlero is very importat to have a way to contact you. Once you have won, we will need you to notify that we have received your payment as well as the shipping info of your product.

Do I have to pay the shipping?

No. Winlero pays the shipping rates.

Can I send my product to any part of the country?

Of course. We will make your prize arrive to the comfort of your home. You must be aware that certain products must be picked up in their respective distribution center. If this is the case we will contact you for further details.

Can I suggest you a product?

Of course you can suggest us products. Just have in mind that in Winlero we look for novel product that can have a great demand.

Which payment methods do you handle?

We accept payments with Credit and Debit cards through Pay Pal. Nevertheless, we will be implementing new payment methods.

Are your payment methods secure?

Of course they are. You make your purchases and payments through PayPal, the most used method to make and receive payments all around the world. Do not be afraid of buying and playing at Winlero, it is totally safe, reliable, easy and simple.

What is that of Linking My Accounts?

Remember that you always have to log in through the method you signed up. If you signed up through Facebook, and then you try to log in via Twitter, Winlero will take you as a new user. Linking your social network accounts, you will be able to log in from any of your accounts, and here in Winlero will know that it is you and not 2 or 3 different users. If you want to link your accounts, you have to go to the Link Accounts Section within your Profile, click in the social network account you want to link, sign up and that is all.
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