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About Us
Winlero is simply a great strategy game where the unique bid wins. We are an enterprise located in Queretaro, Mexico, that offers its users the chance to win fantastic prizes, in a simple, funny, transparent and clear way. Always having in mind what the user really wants and needs. Unlike other game sites, we are concerned in clearing up all the fears and doubts that people can have at playing at the Web. In Winlero:
  • You always know the top price that you can pay for a product.
  • At all moment you can see all the real users that have played in the game.
  • You always know your place in the game and who is the current winner.
  • You know the precise date when a game started.
  • We are the only ones who give you hints to get better bids or to take your rivals out and climb positions.
  • We do not charge you the product shipping.
  • We offer to our users the best technology so it can be Winlero funny and easy to use.
  • We do not limit the amount of bids a user can make, all the bids will be considered and evaluated to fight for the prize.
  • We give the prizes faster than other web sites.
  • All the products in Winlero are new and with manufacturer warranty.
  • We give free credits just for signing up and we offer incredible deals frequently.
  • When each game is over, you will be able to see all the bids from all the users who played for the prize, to make it clear that everything is legal and there was not any kind of fraud.
  • We always show all the Total Bids of a game, so you can decide in which products you have more chances to win.
  • In Winlero the strategy is simple, the more you bid, more chances you have to win.
In brief, we are an enterprise that asure you the best experience, clear, easy and funny to play in games online. So... What are you waiting for? Sign up in Winlero and prove to be the best at competing and winning extraordinary prizes.