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Terms and Conditions

Winlero: It is an excellent strategy game for online auctions and for what these terms state, consists of all the parts that constitute the company, including but not limited to, the Website, its subdomains, the brand, auctions, employees, subsidiaries, etc.
Terms: Refers to the terms and conditions presented on this document.
User: Is anyone who has satisfactorily completed the registration process of Winlero, either through their social networks or filling the registration form.
Website: The website and system, currently located at the web address
Services: consist of all services and actions that a user can do within the Website or provided by it.
Bid: The amount that is offered or will be offered at an auction.
Unique Bid: an amount that is not offered by any other user at the same auction.
Credits: Are the currency used in Winlero to place a bid on any auction.
Real Price: Is the estimated price of a product on the market and which will be taken in Winlero, as the official product price stated by our website. This is different from the maximum price presented on the auctions to play.
Hint: It's a specific digit, belonging to the amount that is proposed to the user to improve its bid or to propose the same bid off a superior opponent and go upscale in the positions table.
Welcome to Winlero, these terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to all our services on the web site, including subdomains and other websites that use the trademark Winlero.
By becoming a registered user ("User") of Winlero, you acknowledge that you have read and understood, and that you agree to abide by these terms, which may be amended at any time. If you do not agree to these Terms you shall not make use of our services offered by or through Winlero.
Winlero reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, the changes will take effect immediately upon publication in the website. Your continued use of the Website or the Services constitutes your acknowledgment that you have read, understood and agree to comply with the revised terms.
To become a User, you must successfully complete the registration process established by Winlero. Each User has the right to sustain and use only one account in Winlero, specifically declare and warrant that, at the time of registration, you are providing complete, accurate and reliable information regarding your person, and that has the legal prerequisites and power to decide on your person to understand and be bound by this terms.
Users can’t reveal your password or access to third parties or allow any other party to access Winlero using your password in conjunction with your username. With which every User is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login information and, therefore, is the only liable person responsible for any and all rights and obligations that are directly associated with the use, legal or illegal, resulting from your participation in any act of the Website.
This service is exclusive to citizens up the legal age in their own country. At the moment you became a user of Winlero you are expressing under oath that you have at least the legal age in your country, thereby demarcated Winlero any liability for infringement by the user to this provision. Also you must provide a valid email address and ensure that you have residence in the geographic area you specified at registration.
It is strictly forbidden to impersonate users on the Website by any other person, including, without limitation, Winlero users or staff.
The successful registration process imply tacit acceptance of the User to receive notifications by ordinary mail or another via, relating to promotions, operational information, auctions, and generally any information that is relative to Winlero.
Users who violate the terms may have their account revoked without notice in accordance with this terms, however, Winlero may revoke any account it deems necessary at any time, unilaterally and without notice to the User(s).
The only user data stored in Winlero are name, email and address. The User agrees on this act, and voluntarily gives his/her full consent about this personal data to be handled by Winlero in full compliance with current legislation, concerning the protection of personal data held by individuals. Such information is necessary to maintain contact with the user in case of winning a prize, and will also be used to prove the participants of an auction that the other bidders/users are real people. This data will be preserved by Winlero.
We assume no obligation to keep confidential any information you have provided to your social networks (chats, Twitter, Facebook or other social networks), since its operation is outside the system of Winlero.
The monetary value of credits will vary as it deems appropriate to Winlero. Buying credit packages can be done electronically within the Website through PayPal independent payment system.
Payment of Credits on the Registered User's Account is made upon receipt of confirmation of payment, by the payment system that the user has selected.
The user is responsible for following the confirmation of payment with the payment system. The payment confirmation process is managed by PayPal and Winlero is not responsible for this process.
To obtain the free credits you agree to the strict adherence to rules on section 5 of this Terms.
Winlero reserves the right to withdraw credits from an user account and may do so unilaterally, without notice the User and without liability to Winlero, if the system detects an anomaly in terms of the number of credits the user should have regard to its history of incoming and outgoing credits or any other anomaly.
Unless Winlero decides to suspend an auction, credits are non-refundable regardless of the cause.
The free registration credits granted in the event that there is a current promotion, will last for a month to use, if after this date have not been used will be removed from the user's account. These credits are only valid and may be used in auctions that appear in the category of "new". In the event that the user has already made at least one purchase of credits, free credits will not be removed and may be used in the lapse of time and in any auction you choose to.
Any special offers by Winlero are only valid if it is announced within the Website, and will be limited by its start and end dates, which will be indicated on the Website.
The obtaining and amount of free credits offered occasionally for each offer shall comply with the description of each offer on the website.
A User may be entitled to an unlimited number of offers while complying with the conditions and rules established by each offer and this terms.
Each auction on the website will offer new products only, kept in their original packaging with manufacturer's warranty, the photographs that appear as description of them are merely demonstrative and are not contractually a stipulation of their characteristics.
Each auction will end only when it is satisfied the minimum bids amount, this amount is stipulated at the creation of the auction.
The maximum price, the amount of minimum bids, the cost of credits for bid and the number of bids to hint, shall be respected from beginning to end of an auction and may not be modified. This to respect user's bids and assure fair competition for the award.
Only unique bids will have the opportunity to compete for the prize. The highest unique bid that is closest to the maximum price upon completion of the auction wins.
Repeated bids occur when entering two or more bids with the same amount, in which case both bids and subsequent bids with the same amount will be considered as repeated and have no chance to compete for the prize.
Credits spent per bid are non-refundable, unless the auction is canceled. Once bids are made, they can’t be withdrawn or modified.
In the event that there is not a unique offer, the winning bid will be selected from the highest, not-unique bids, and in case of a tie, the first bid done will be selected as the winning bid
Winlero reserves the right to terminate any auction at any time without notice for any reason and without prejudice to this.
Regardless of the immediately preceding paragraph, Winlero may suspend any auction to investigate suspicions of fraudulent or improper activities, or in the case of technical problems and to discover any problems or malfunctions of the software under Winlero operates, and / or any other equipment or services of the same class.
Participation in Winlero's auctions is strictly individual and, therefore, is expressly prohibited any type of collusive activity or unfair competition arising from collaboration between two or more users in any auction. If we find that these activities occurred in any auction, we immediately suspend the accounts of those users involved, without notice, and credits will not be refunded up to be carried out investigations.
If the investigation by or whoever Winlero determine, shows, under criterion of Winlero, that there has been some form of collaboration, collusive activities or unfair competition, Winlero will not deliver any product or service, paid or unpaid, nor will refund purchased credits, to those users who are disqualified. This measure helps protect the rights of other users and Winlero. This also applies when a user participates in an auction under two different user accounts.
Registration and participation in Winlero is expressly and strictly prohibited to all members or employees of Winlero, and their spouses, domestic partners and family members first and second degree by consanguinity and affinity, and to all those who, having had the character of User, their accounts have been terminated, canceled, suspended and / or removed by malicious acts or collusion, as provided in this Terms.
The hints are calculated at the exact moment in which the user gains the right to request it, this moment is described in the specific conditions of each auction. That said, maybe a hint will not give a valid amount to improve the bid of the user, if the user takes to long to bid the amount described by the hint in the auction.
In the event that there aren't bids to improve the position of the User, the hints may result in the amount of nearest rival. In this way the user can enter the so called "battle mode", in which the hints will give you a specific digit on the bid of nearest top rival. In this way the user can bid the same amount of rival next higher, overriding both offers, and go up in the table positions to win the prize.
Once an auction is over, the winning User acquires the obligation to buy the product or service auctioned at the price offered in his/her winning bid, having to cover the amount offered in full, within 15 calendar days from the date of completion of the auction. Otherwise the prize will pass to the second place of the auction and the same rule will apply from the date assigned by the award. So it will be until a winner pay the award.
Winlero will try that the shipment and delivery of the product be as quickly as possible, however delivery depends, among other circumstances, on companies procedures responsible for this task, outside Winlero. In the absence of unforeseen circumstances, delivery of the products and their receipt occurs within the period specified in the auction and in the address, within the borders of his residence country, provided by the user at the time of payment of the product. If for reasons beyond the control of Winlero or whatever the case, can not deliver a product that has been won at auction, Winlero will have full power to replace the Product offered for a refund in cash equivalent to 90% of the "Real Price" of the product stated in our website, such reimbursement shall be made by bank transfer to the User's account, PayPal or other electronic means that Winlero decide, and within 30 calendar days after Winlero notification to the user of that concept.
Winlero is not, and never will be responsible for sending or delivery of the product purchased at auction by the users as it will be sent by shipping companies, so it is not Winlero liable for any loss, damage and losses in the delivery the product, nor for extra payments that could generate by this fact, it is clear that the company responsible for the delivery of products is outside Winlero. Also Winlero will decide which shipping company will do such shipments, no shipments will have insurance, freeing the user to Winlero in this event from any liability related to delivery and shipping
The winner will detail the correct and complete address to which you will be receiving the prize, which shall be located in the country of residence indicated at the time of registration, or otherwise, verify that the address previously provided to Winlero is correct.
Winlero has the right to publish and advertise on the Websites, without payment of any consideration, the result of the winners, the prices at which these auctions are closed, as well as photographs or videos of the winners who have decided to send them to Winlero. Users express their consent to such publications and announcements described and declare to be the owners of such materials, releasing Winlero of any proceeding, suit in relation to industrial property, copyright, and in general any kind.
The shipment cost of the products will run by the user, which will be determined on the Website and under each product. In some special cases the winner will have to pick up their prize at the offices of the manufacturer closer to their address. If so, we will notify the winner after you have paid your premium.
Service availability
Access to our Website is allowed temporarily and we reserve the right to restrict or suspend at any time the access to our Website, or cancel it indefinitely without notice.
Winlero is not responsible for events beyond our control, system outages, and the loss or damage due to viruses or other malicious software that may infect your computer, your software, data or any other property.
Winlero is not responsible for the faulty operation of computers when you're making bids, and / or incorrect or too slow transmission of data due to your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and / or any damage that occurs because we have not received the bids that you have entered and we have not considered.
Winlero may terminate a User's account at any time, without notice, if:
The user undertakes any activity that disrupts the ability to use the Website or any of its services to other users, participants or other individuals
The violation by the user, or anyone for whom the user is responsible in law, of the rights of Winlero or any other third party;
Behavior by the user that is detrimental to the business or financial condition of Winlero or any other user, as determined in the sole discretion of Winlero;
Behavior by the user, or anyone for whom the user is responsible in law, which is serious and substantial nature, in the sole discretion of Winlero, and will damage the reputation of Winlero, its employees or subsidiaries.
Notwithstanding the limitations expressed herein, users agree to indemnify Winlero and any officer, director, employee, parent company, subsidiary or affiliated company, from and against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, judgments, losses, costs, expenses or damages (collectively, "claims") suffered or incurred by or arising from a breach by user or any of its representations, warranties, covenants or obligations arising.
Time Limitation - In no case, a user can initiate any action, suit or proceeding against Winlero six (6) months after the date should have known of the existence of any claim.
Disclaimer - The user acknowledges and accepts that the responsibility of Winlero, if any violation in any auction is limited to the cost of credit amount invested by the user in the auction. Under no circumstances Winlero be liable to you for any consequential, indirect, special, punitive or incidental damages or loss of profits, users, members or customers of the Partner, successors or assigns (including, without limitation, claims for loss goodwill, use or reliance on the services provided Winlero or impairment of other assets) arising from infringement or breach of express or implied warranty, breach of contract, fraud, negligence, strict liability in tort or otherwise . Notwithstanding the foregoing, Winlero will not be liable for any failure or delay resulting from governmental action, fire, flood, insurrection, earthquake, power failure, riot, explosion, embargo, strikes whether legal or illegal, labor shortages or products, transportation interruption of any kind, work slowdown, actions or inaction of users or third parties, member, computers or software and / or any other device or any other condition affecting production or delivery of products, of any thus, beyond the control of Winlero.
Amendment - All Users acknowledges and agrees that notwithstanding any provision, Winlero may modify these terms and conditions at any time.
Warning - Winlero acknowledges and agrees to notify users with a Notice of Changes and the date on which such amendments shall come into force and effect (the "Effective Date")
Considered acceptance - If a user didn't terminate his/her account before the Effective Date applicable to a specific set of changes, the User shall be deemed to have read, acknowledged and accepted the same. Users thereafter be bound by the modifications, which for all purposes will become part of this terms
Winlero not guarantee that the Website is appropriate or that can be used outside of Mexico. If you access our Website from any other country or jurisdiction, you do so willingly and you will be responsible for complying with applicable laws.
Any dispute or claim arising in relation or is connected to these Terms or products involved in the auctions or whatever the case (including non-contractual disputes, law suits or claims) shall be governed by the laws of Mexico